By Request: Mike Trout Facts!

As kind-of-requested in the comments section of a recent Mike Trout-centric article, here are some fun Mike Trout facts!

***all statistics, ages, etc., are as of May 13, 2015***

1. From May 21-24, 2013, Mike Trout had four consecutive multi-hit games. Over that stretch, he went 10-for-17 (.588) with a walk, double, two triples, and two home runs. In the first game of that stretch, Trout hit for the cycle. In this four-game multi-hit streak, Trout accumulated 19 total bases in 18 plate appearances. This was one of Trout’s two career streaks of four consecutive multi-hit games; the other was just a month earlier.

2. Mike Trout has 107 home runs in 526 games, and is still just 23 years old. But Mike Trout did not hit two home runs in the same game until homers #77 and #78.

3. Mike Trout has 107 home runs. If he plays in as many games as did all-time home runs leader Barry Bonds (2,986), and homers at his current rate the whole time, Trout will finish with 607 home runs, good for 9th all time.

4. Mike Trout has 109 steals. If he plays in as many games as did all-time steals leader Rickey Henderson (3,081), and steals at his current rate the whole time, Trout will finish with 638 steals, good for 15th all time.

5. Bearing in mind facts #3-4, this is a complete list of all the players in the top HUNDRED all-time for both home runs and steals: Barry Bonds.

6. Mike Trout has 607 hits in 526 games. If he plays in as many games as did all-time hits leader Pete Rose (3,562), and gets hits at his current rate the whole time, Trout will finish with 4,110 hits, good for 3rd place all time. Rose and Ty Cobb are the only players to ever get more than 4,000 hits.

7. Mike Trout is 23 years, 9 months, and 6 days old, and has 607 hits. At that exact age, Pete Rose had 309 hits.

8. After reaching an 0-2 count, Mike Trout reaches base successfully 27% of the time (career). This year, it’s 35%. Mike Trout’s on-base percentage in 0-2 counts this year is better than the on-base percentages, in all counts, of 29 entire major league teams.

9. Mike Trout has 8 bunt attempts in his career and reached base safely in 4 of 8.

10. In his last three months of regular-season play, the longest Mike Trout has gone without a hit is 2 games.

11. The longest Mike Trout has ever gone without a hit is 4 games. This has happened three times. Two of those three times were in Trout’s first full month in the major leagues, in 2011. He has only done it once in the last four seasons.

12. When he pulls the ball, Mike Trout has a career batting average of .488. When he hits the ball to center, Mike Trout has a career batting average of .443.

13. Give or take a few tenths of a percent, the percentage of balls hit by Mike Trout which are classified as “hard-hit” has increased every year of his career, to 2015’s 41.6%. (That ranks 9th in the MLB this year.)

14. Inside Edge classifies all defensive plays based on whether they are Impossible (0% chance of being made), Remote (1-10% chance of being made), Unlikely (10-40%), Even Odds (40-60%), Likely (60-90%), or Routine (90% chance). Since 2012, Mike Trout ranks 10th on converting Remote chances, 1st on making Unlikely plays, and 9th on converting Even chances.

15. Last year’s two Rookie of the Year winners were, respectively, three and four years older than Mike Trout. Only one of the four Rookies of the Year elected since Trout is younger than he is. (Of course, Bryce Harper, elected at the same time as Trout, is the youngest of all. Harper has yet to face a single MLB pitcher younger than he is. But this isn’t Bryce Harper Facts.)

16. Measured by Wins Above Replacement (WAR), Mike Trout is responsible for 95.8% of the offensive value of the 2015 Angels roster. This is partly because Matt Joyce, C.J. Cron, Drew Butera, and Chris Iannetta have provided negative value by hitting a combined 41-for-270 (.152).

17. Measuring again by Wins Above Replacement (WAR), and bearing in mind that hitters can give their team negative value: in 2013, Mike Trout was more valuable (10.5 WAR) than all the hitters on the Mariners, Marlins, White Sox, and Astros, COMBINED (10.4 WAR).

18. Over 2012-15, Mike Trout is in the top ten players for home runs (#6), triples (#1), hits (#6), stolen bases (#7), batting average (#8), on-base percentage (#2), weighted on-base average (wOBA) (#2), isolated power (#6), batting average on balls in play (#1), and plays made in the outfield (#2).

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Spitball McPhee
8 years ago

He is baseball’s Chuck Norris

8 years ago

If your team wins, it is only because Mike Trout allowed it. This applies even to teams that are not playing the Angels.

8 years ago

This is incredible.

8 years ago
Reply to  Phillies113

I second that.

Five more Mike Trout Facts courtesy of Baseball Reference:

19. Through his age 22 season, Mike Trout has been worth 21.0 Wins Above Average, more than anyone else in history. Ted Williams is a distant second with 17.4 WAA

20. Mike Trout is also third all time on WAA through the age-23 season with 22.7, even though he’s only one-fourth through the season. He needs 1.4 WAA in the rest of 2015 to catch Ty Cobb for #2 on the list, and 3.5 WAA to catch Williams for #1

21. Trout is also in the top 10 WAA all-time through age 24, and is #23 all-time in WAA through age 25, just 0.4 WAA behind Frank Robinson and Barry Bonds

22. Mike Trout has more WAA right now, at age 23, than George Sisler, Enos Slaughter, Orlando Cepeda, and 38 other Hall of Famers did in their entire careers. He has more WAA than Lou Brock and Luis Aparicio combined.

23. The top three similarity scores for Mike Trout, according to Baseball Reference: Mickey Mantle, Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron.

8 years ago

Your second fact is wrong. Trout hit 2 HRs on 08/30/11 vs Seattle. It was his 4th and 5th career home runs.

WBE on his Mobile
8 years ago
Reply to  Mahdi

Let this be a lesson to us all: if a fact is unflattering to Mike Trout, it is probably not true.

8 years ago

I find Trout’s history of bunting to be interesting. He stopped attempting bunts in 2012. It’s almost as if he came to realize that a bunt attempt is a waste of a plate appearance for someone with his prodigious hitting skills.

By the way, if you haven’t checked it out yet, check out Grantland’s piece on his father, Jeff Trout. Yes, Mike’s 4 consecutive multi-hit games where he hit .588 was impressive, but his Dad’s senior year at Univ of Delaware produced a triple slash line of .519/.611/.899. His triple slash for his entire college career was: .398/.482/.602

Also check out the picture of Jeff Trout. You can certainly see the genetic link of where Mike gets his upper body size – man these guys have big arms.

8 years ago

24. In the 28 years since Jeff Trout retired from baseball, Twins second basemen have combined for 61.9 WAR.

Mike Trout has been worth almost half as much WAR (30.8) in his 3 years with the Angels. This is actually more WAR than all the Twins 2B not named Chuck Knoblauch in the period since the elder Trout retired (24.0)