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No Pitch Is an Island: Pitch Prediction With Sequence-to-Sequence Deep Learning

One of the signature dishes of baseball-related machine learning is pitch prediction, whereby the analysis aims to predict what type of pitch will be thrown next in a game. The strategic advantages of knowing what a pitcher will throw beforehand are obvious due to the lengths teams go (both legal and illegal) to gain such information. Analysts that solve the issue through data have taken various approaches in the past, but here are some commonalities among them:

  • Supervised learning is incorporated with numerous variables (batter-handedness, count, inning, etc.) to fit models on training data, which are then used to make predictions on test data.
  • The models are fit on a pitcher-by-pitcher basis. That is, algorithms are applied to each pitcher individually to account for their unique tendencies and repertoire. Results are reported as an aggregate of all these individual models.
  • There is a minimum cut-off for the number of pitches thrown. In order for a pitcher’s work to be considered they must have crossed that threshold.

An example can be found here. The goal of this study is not to reproduce or match those strong results, but to introduce a new, natural-fitting ingredient that can improve on their limitations. The most constraining restriction in other works is the sample size requirement; by only including pitchers with substantial histories, the scope of the pitch prediction task is drastically reduced. We hope to produce a model capable of making predictions for all pitchers regardless of their individual sample size. Read the rest of this entry »